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The TCU Frog Club is the development arm of the TCU Athletics department striving to better our student-athlete experience and provide resources to build champions in the classroom, in competition, in the community, and in life. Our generous Horned Frogs fans and donors are the vessels that aid in providing the means to help student-athletes become successful in these different areas. It is YOU who makes an impact in their lives.

On TCU Gives Day, you have the opportunity to support by donating to the TCU Frog Club, Block T Association, as well as any sport-specific program. Your support will help TCU Athletics to continue elevating and achieving new heights.

We thank our gracious Frog Club Advisory Board Chair, Geoff Seiber for stepping up as our 2021 TCU Gives Day Challenge Donor. Once we achieve our goal of 100 donors to TCU Athletics, we unlock a $5,000 gift to the TCU Frog Club. Thank you for your support of the Frog Club and TCU Athletics!

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